Totem Bandana
Totem Bandana

Totem Bandana

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Totem: mythical being considered as the eponymous ancestor of a clan as well as its protective spirit and revered as such. Whenever the eagle takes flight, it comes by to see its father the sun and greets him by touching it with the tips of the wings ... which is why the feathers of these wings have darkened over time. Our Totem Collection pays homage to the meaning of these strong symbols of the First Nations.


80% polyester 20% wool
High quality
Cork label (eco-responsible)
Two buttons for a perfect fit, reversible
Handmade in Quebec
10% of net profits are donated to various animal shelters
* Limited quantities


Small : 12 '' to 16 '' with the buttons (it is also possible to tie a knot).
Way : 17 '' to 21 '' with buttons (fits most dogs - it is also possible to tie a knot).
Tall : 20 '' to 24 '' with the buttons (it is also possible to tie a knot).

Remember to leave an empty space for the comfort of your pet (1 cm is usually sufficient). Make sure you measure your pet's neck correctly before buying.


Machine wash cold, gentle / delicate cycle (place scarf in garment bag or pillowcase during wash cycle for added protection). Lay flat to dry. To iron, you must place a wet dishcloth between the iron and the fabric.


The patterns make each scarf a unique piece! We have made every effort to ensure that the photos displayed are as representative as possible of the actual products, however each one is different from the other.