I was in my bed at 7 a.m. when I told myself that I was surely not the only one who could not bear confinement. I let my thoughts get mixed up when I had the idea of ​​creating a blog. I got up, put on my jeans and my closest hoodie then I created this page with the moral help of Zoé, my little 6 year old chihuahua, and a good detox tea. After 14 hours non-stop, I finally saw the result (finally)!

The idea is to share knowledge, preferences and anecdotes about a topic that we are passionate about. At least once a month, one of our ambassadors will write an article on a subject of their choice related to animals. You can get to know the members of our team better and discover people dedicated to the animal cause.

Do you want us to talk about a specific subject? Do you think you have an innate talent for writing? Write to us on our social networks or by email at info@wesavepets.ca.

By: Marie-Laurence Rancourt, founder of WeSavePets